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The Pearl of The Black Sea

Trabzon, known as the pearl of the Black Sea, is a breathtaking city with its unique nature. The city, which is famous for its rains in all seasons, is surrounded by thousands of different types of plants. Trabzon reveals the miraculous features of nature. It is a very rich region in terms of valleys, slopes, streams and lakes.


Uzungöl, the leading touristic region of Trabzon, is a highland village with its eye-catching beauties. The neighborhood, which takes its name from the lake on which it was founded, is located at the junction of the Soğanlı and Kaçkar Mountains, where the rainforests of our country are located. This region is also home to the oldest forests in the temperate zone in the world. The formation of Uzungöl occurred thanks to the rocks blocking the way of the Haldizen Stream in the region.

Sümela Monastery

Sümela Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery and church complex built on an impossible slope between harsh mountains and rumbling streams, 1150 meters above the sea and 300 meters above the valley. It is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tentative List.

Trabzon Castle

The city walls of Trabzon Castle, which was built on a high rock mass between Tabakhane and Zağnos valleys in Ortahisar region, are the oldest structures of Trabzon. The oldest part of today's walls dates back to the 4th century BC Roman Period. The walls are divided into three parts: Upper Fortress, Inner Fortress, Middle Fortress and Lower Fortress. Since the castle resembles a trapezoid in its rough form, it is thought that the name of the city derives from this trapezoidal shape.

Coppersmiths' Bazaar

Throughout its history, Trabzon has been a famous place for its coppersmith workshops where copper obtained from the rich copper deposits in the Eastern Black Sea region is processed. Products such as pots, pots, pans, copper pots and mugs made of copper, bronze and brass processed in these workshops were sent to Ottoman palaces, Iran and other cities in the Black Sea, and always found buyers. This tradition is still kept alive in the Bakırcılar Bazaar in the center today.

Other Surroundings


The famous Ayder Plateau, which is the subject of songs, where those who leave cannot hide their admiration, and those who return leave their hearts, so to speak, is located in the city of Rize.

Ayder Plateau, which is considered the most important plateau of Çamlıhemşin district, is located approximately 20 km south of the district center. Ayder Plateau, which is 1300 meters above sea level, is mostly adorned with beech forests. The plateau, with the Kaçkar Mountains right behind it, stands out especially with its thermal springs. On the other hand, it is seen that the honey obtained from the flowers grown in the plateau is also very famous.

Other Surroundings


Located in the Eastern Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region, Rize is the region of our country that has a coast to the Black Sea with its emerald green springs, lush forests, clean air and delicious dishes on the palate.

Rize, which has a magnificent natural beauty and is one of our must-see cities, also allows you to do a wide variety of nature sports. You can canoe or raft in rivers such as Fırtına, Hemşin, Büyükdere, Taşlıdere, photograph Palovit Waterfall in Kaçkar Mountains National Park, Ağaran Waterfall in Çayeli, Çağrankaya, Petran, Handüzü, Demirkapı, Anzer, Samistal, Palovit. You can set up a tent in natural wonders such as plateaus.

Other Surroundings


Ordu, located in the Central and Eastern Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region, is the most populated city in Turkey.

In addition to its natural beauties, it is at the forefront with its historical riches. Ordu is a city that lives all seasons with its untouched nature, springs, long beaches and newly opened ski resort.

Other Surroundings


Located in the Black Sea Region, Samsun has hosted many civilizations over the years thanks to its fertile lands and geographical location.

Recording its name in history as the city where the War of Independence began, Samsun is one of Turkey's thirty provinces with metropolitan status.

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